Northern Virginia Bridge Association

American Contract Bridge League Unit 218

Club director contact information

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Marilyn Batra
Cell: 703-490-3827
Email: marilynbatra@aol.com
Marty Bley
Home: 301-292-4103
Cell: 240-441-9885
Email: campspringsduplicatebc@gmail.com
Marcia Boynton
Home: 703-360-9152
Email: MarciaJ816@aol.com
Helen Brettell
Home: 540-338-1141
Cell: 540-270-3993
Email: helenbrettell@me.com
Dale Dallaire
Cell: 703-999-5232
Email: dal7nt@me.com
Bill DeGraf
Home: 703-360-6041
Email: peredg@aol.com
Marilyn Golias
Cell: 703-629-8932
Email: Double7NT@aol.com
Jim Gerding
Phone: 703-268-9173
Email: NVBAPC@gmail.com
Livingston Johnson
Home: 703-591-0014
Email: snowpusher@cox.net
Candy and Marshall Kuschner
Home: 703-758-0906
Marshall Cell: 703-283-7268
Candy Cell: 571-277-3627
Email: jakofhearts@msn.com
Email: candy.kuschner@gmail.com
Yvonne Markell
Home: 571-333-1794
Cell: 703-577-0596
Email: lmarkell@aol.com
John Mason Website
Email: jsm36@cox.net
Kevin O'Brien
Home: 703-524-4788
Email: BridgeClubOfNoVA@gmail.com
Bernie Oetjen
Home: 703-790-5170
Cell: 703-216-0676
Email: BHOLHO@aol.com
Norma Pierzchala
Home: 703-892-1292
Cell: 703-909-9742
Email: normattp@gmail.com
Steve Reed Website
Cell: 703-346-4557
Email: Director@QBridgeVA.org
Matt Schepps
Home: 703-671-0462
Email: mschepps@comcast.net
Gene Schuyler Website
Home: 703-286-5959
Email: eschuyler5905@aol.com
Rebecca Sekse
Home: 703-356-1511
Email: rcsekse@gmail.com
Louise Sellers
Home: 703-281-5576
Email: louisesellers2@aol.com
Hannelore Sofocleous
Home: 703-683-6857
Email: gell4@verizon.net
Barbara Steingaszner
Home: 703-799-0433
Email: lazbarstein@hotmail.com
Lenore Ward
Home: 703-723-8614
Email: lennie20@comcast.net