Bridge University and daily I/N Speaker Program

Bridge University Bridge University is a very popular event that has been run at the last four DC national bridge tournaments. The organizers of the District 6 August Regional in Baltimore have decided to run it again. This program is COMPLETELY FREE(!) and consists of local bridge teachers who are volunteering their time to present their favorite lessons. Bridge University runs the first day of the tournament Monday morning, August 22 at 10:00 with a kickoff presentation by Joann Glasson, a well known local teacher and current president of the ACBL. After the celebrity speaker, there's a 10 minute break before the break out sessions start. There are three times with four presentations in each time slot as shown below. You can attend any one, two or three classes of your choice, one in each time slot. You will get a catalog detailing the classes and teachers when you register at the event. Every presentation will have a handout. Extra handouts will be available after each class for any presentations you miss. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and there's a 10 minute break between sessions for you to get to your next one. At the end, there's a 35 minute break for you to grab a quick lunch, then there's a FREE 0-199er bridge game at 2:00. There's no preregistration - just show up. This program will probably never run again, so you should make every effort to attend. Note that you may come and start at any time you wish, or even just come for the free game. During the rest of the week, there will be I/N games every day at 10:00 and 3:00 if there are enough people for 3 full tables. There are additional I/N presentations scheduled each day before the 3:00 session. If not enough people show up to play in the daily 10:00 and 3:00 I/N games, you can play in the lowest strat of the Gold Rush game.

Monday, August 22
Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
10:00 Joann Glasson
Opening Leads
10:40 Break
10:50 Joann Glasson
Which Suit Should I Bid First?
Marty Bley
Opening 1 No Trump
Ron Kral
Takeout Doubles
Sheryl McEwan
Basic 2/1
11:35 Break
11:45 Keith Hafen
When to delay drawing trump
Ross Bley
Resonding to 1 No Trump
Howard Stevens
Declarer Play Basics
Sheryl McEwan
Bidding 2 suits at once
12:30 Break
12:40 Joe Hertz
You MUST play reverses!
Livingston Johnston
Slow losers
Howard Stevens
Win big playing teams!
Hank Meyer
Planning the play at NT
1:25 Break
2:00 FREE 199er Bridge game

Additional daily I/N speakers
Day & Time Speaker Topic
Tuesday 8/23 @ 2:15 Doug Grove Calling the Dirctor
Wedensday 8/24 @ 2:15 Fred King The language of bridge—Asking or Telling
Thursday 8/25 @ 2:15 Fred King The language of bridge-Who's in charge here?
Friday 8/26 @ 2:15 Hank Meyer When to pull Trumps