Northern Virginia Bridge Association

American Contract Bridge League Unit 218

2017 NVBA unit game results

The NVBA unit game results are posted to the internet in THREE different places. You can view the results in different formats using one of the following links. Note that the results posted on the NVBA website may be delayed a day or more based on the webmaster's travel schedule and internet access.

NVBA website 2017 results
ACBL website club results
The Common Game website results

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The NVBA website results are created using the Bridge Composer program. The individual games (A/X, B/C, 199er and 0-20) each have their own results posted separately. The weekly unit game events are posted here Unit game schedule and here 199er & 0-20 schedule.

Virually every week, the NVBA unit game pays more masterpoints than a standard ACBL club game. The "Unit Championships" listed below are where ACBL grants NVBA extra masterpoints due to our size and activities in support of bridge.

   Sec. - Sectional - Silver Points Awarded
   STaC - Sectional Tournament at Clubs - Silver Points Awarded
   NVBA - Northern Virginia Bridge Association
   WBL - Washington Bridge League
   GNT - Grand National Teams (SWISS) qualifier
   NAP - North American Pairs qualifier
   KOCH - Game at Knights of Columbus Hall
   Champ. - Championship
   PAIRS - Matchpoint pairs event
   Strat. - Stratified pairs
   Memb. - Membership
   Qual. - GNT or NAP Qualifier event
   FUND - ACBL Fund raiser - extra masterpoints
   CHARITY - Fund raiser - extra masterpoints
   LM/NLM - Annual NVBA LifeMaster/Non-LifeMaster game
Jan 5 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Jan 12 Hands Open A Open B 199er 0-20
Jan 19 Hands Swiss 199er 0-20
Jan 26 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Feb 2 Hands Swiss 199er 0-20
Feb 9 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Feb 16 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Feb 23 Hands Swiss 199er 0-20
Mar 2 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Mar 9 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Mar 16 Hands Open 199er 0-20
Mar 23 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Mar 30 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Apr 6 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Apr 13 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Apr 20 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Apr 27 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
May 4 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
May 11 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
May 18 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
May 25 Hands A/X B/C 199er 0-20
Jun 1 Annual LM/NLM Game
Jun 8 ACBL Charity Game
Jun 15 STaC Silver Points
Jun 22 D6 Fund Game
Jun 29 NAP Pairs Qual.
Jul 6 CLOSED Bethesda Regional CLOSED CLOSED
Jul 13 ACBL Memb. Game
Jul 20 Unit Champ.
Jul 27 NAP Pairs Qual.
Aug 3 Club Champ. KOCH
Aug 10 Unit Champ. KOCH
Aug 17 NAP Pairs Qual. KOCH
Aug 24 WBL Sec. Silver Points KOCH
Aug 31 NAP Pairs Qual. KOCH
Sep 7 Unit Champ.
Sep 14 NVBA Sec. Silver Points
Sep 21 Unit Champ. Location TBD
Sep 28 GNT Swiss Team Qual.
Oct 5 NVBA Sec. Silver Points
Oct 12 Club Appr Pairs
Oct 19 WBL Sec. Silver Points
Oct 26 Club Appr Swiss Teams
Nov 2 Club Champ
Nov 9 GNT Swiss Team Qual.
Nov 16 Unit Champ.
Nov 23 CLOSED Thanks giving CLOSED CLOSED
Nov 30 Unit Champ.
Dec 7 Local Charity
Dec 14 Holiday Party STaC Silver Points
Dec 21 GNT Swiss Team Qual.
Dec 28 Unit Champ.

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