Longest Day Player auction

The Longest Day Player auction starts on Monday, May 11th @ 00:00 AM and ends on Sunday, June 21st @ 23:59 PM.

Longest Day Player auction

The Longest Day Player auction ended on Sunday, June 21st @ 23:59 PM.

Longest Day player auction

The players pictured here have volunteered to participate in an auction to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. The highest bidder on each player gets to partner him or her for a game at their mutual convenience. All the money collected goes in its entirety to the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association for care, support and research. The volunteer does not receive any of it.

To place a bid, tap or click on the person's picture. The dollar amount shown is the next available bid for that player. If you wish to place a higher bid, you can select an amount from a drop-down list. When you make a bid, you'll be taken to another screen and prompted for your ACBL number. After you click or press ENTER, your information will be displayed. Once you review (and if necessary correct) the information, you can continue or cancel. After you place the bid, you'll be notified immediately via email. The auction closes at midnight on Sunday, June 23, 2019 (the last day of The Longest Week). If you are the highest bidder, you'll receive notification by letter, email and/or phone call. You'll be expected to write a check in the final bid amount to the "Alzheimer's Association" within a week and mail it to the Longest Day treasurer, Ann Atcheson. Ann's information is on the Longest Day information page.

The amount paid in this auction is considered a charitable donation and is tax-deductible as such. You'll need to contact your partner and make arrangements to play, typically in a club game that's convenient for both of you. You'll be expected to buy both you and your partner's entry. Good luck!

Enter your ACBL number and click or press ENTER. A review screen will appear. You'll be able to change your bid amount, email and phone number. Click the yellow button for one final review before your bid is recorded.

Review the following. You can change your bid, email and phone number, but not the player or your name. Increase your bid by clicking on a value in the drop-down list.

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