Eight is Enough

At the NVBA Unit Game...

7:00 pm, Thursday October 10, 2019
Beth El Hebrew Congregation
3830 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304

Swiss Teams - each team's 4-person total must be 8 or less as follows...

3 = player with 2500 or more Masterpoints
2 = player with 500-2499.99 Masterpoints
1 = player with 0-499.99 Masterpoints
Masterpoints as of ACBL's monthly update on September 6, 2019

The event will be stratified as follows...

A = team with 8 points total
B = team with 7 or 6 points total
C = team with 5 or 4 points total

ENTRY FEE: $5 per player. The $2 Beth El Security Fee will be waived. Any ACBL member with 0-5 Masterpoints plays free at all NVBA events including this one. Entry fee collected at the game. Sign up before October 7th as individuals, pairs, or teams. The NVBA partnership person will form teams from those who sign up as singles or pairs.


TEAM: You may register as a team of four as long as you adhere to the rule-of-8 above.

PAIR: You may register as a pair with your partner. NVBA will team you and your partner with another pair, so that you do not exceed the 8 is enough formula. You will NOT be informed who your teammates are in advance, but you WILL be told you have been matched up.

SINGLE: You may also register as a SINGLE player. A partner and team will be found for you. You WILL be told who your partner is prior to the event so you can discuss your convention card.

TO SIGN UP OFFLINE: You may also register at the NVBA unit game, the NVBA Winter Sectional or an NVBA club game by filling out the form on the director's table.