NVBA COVID Charity Cookbook

The NVBA Board of Directors approved posting the Cookbook offer on the NVBA website and has donated the cost of printing. The book was designed and managed by fellow bridge players to raise money for a local small charity. Our original intent was to create something together to help us stay connected during our isolation, but we quickly saw the opportunity to raise funds for a charity. So many people are suffering and in need of help.

Carolyn Baird, our Communication Leader, researched local charities and chose ECHO (Ecumenical Community Helping Others) a non-profit, all volunteer organization that has been in operation for 50 years, located in Springfield, VA.

We started small but enthusiasm among the bridge community and their friends and family spread quickly by word of mouth and we ended up with 33 contributors and 68 recipes! We have had a wonderfully positive response from fellow bridge players who welcomed the opportunity to share and communicate from their isolation at home. The book is dedicated to all essential workers at this challenging time and to our NVBA and WBL Boards and all Directors who transferred their games to BBO for us to enjoy while isolated in our homes.

The books are $20 each. All proceeds go directly to ECHO.

Click HERE to see a sample of the book.

Click HERE to get a printable copy of the order form and where to send it with your payment.

Click Francesca Mazarella to email Francesca and reserve your copy.

Please tell your friends about this worthwhile project. Thank you.