Grand National Teams (GNT)

The ACBL Grand National Teams GNT (Wikipedia article) is one of two annual ACBL‑wide "Open" contests in bridge. The other is the North American Pairs (NAP) (Wikipedia article). The GNT contest begins with grass‑roots qualifying at the local level and ends with a national competition at the summer North American Bridge Championship (NABC). Each of the 25 ACBL districts may send up to four different skill‑level teams to the national GNT finals. Each district has different rules for selecting the teams to represent them.

Normally, in District 6, the GNTs start with team game qualifiers in clubs. However, in 2024, NO QUALIFYING IS NEEDED except for the OPEN bracket to play in the District finals. Just form a team with other players with qualifying masterpoints (all from District 6) and register to participate in the District 6 finals. The District 6 final competition has four skill level events - Open (0‑∞), A (0‑6000), B (0‑2500) and C (0‑500/NLM). Each winning team in each skill level receives a cash stipend to help offset the costs of representing District 6 at the ACBL Summer NABC. Click Here to get information about the next summer NABC. You qualify in the clubs as an individual, not as a team, so you can put together a team of any 4‑6 qualified people (all from District 6) to participate in the District competition.

Here's the District 6 Conditions of Contest including dates, times and locations. The Open category will be held Face to Face. All other categories will be held online.

Here's the official ACBL Conditions of Contest.

Here's some Frequently Asked Questions about the District 6 GNT's.

IMPORTANT: Your team must pre‑register for the finals at least one week before your respective final by mailing your team member list and $100.00 check made out to District 6 to:

Lucy McCoy
3353 Taleen Court
Annandale, Virginia 22003‑1161
If you have any questions about the event, please call Bill Cole: 301‑649‑1350

You can participate in more than one final if you qualify. The dates of the finals are intentionally staggered to allow this. Click here to see the dates, times and locations where the 2022 District 6 finals are to be held.