Intermediate/Newcomer Information

Every Thursday evening, our Unit Game features two special separate sections for players who have under 200 masterpoints. One game is limited to players with less than 20 masterpoints. The second game is limited to players with less than 200 masterpoints. The less than 20 masterpoint game is only held if there are 2 or more tables. These games have their own director and guaranteed partners. They're designed to provide a comfortable environment for newer players. Of course, anyone in these skill levels is welcome to "play up" in the B/C 0‑2000 or the A/X open game if they so choose.

The games are preceded by a bridge lecture at 6:10 PM featuring a knowledgeable local player. Admission is free for anyone who wishes to attend. CLICK HERE for a list of the historical and future Thursday night lectures. On that page, you can view and print any lecture handout you'd like.

The NVBA is dedicated to serving players of all skill levels and to improve the attendance at our bridge games. To encourage new players, the NVBA has a standing policy that any ACBL member with fewer than 5 ACBL masterpoints PLAYS FREE in ANY NVBA event (unit games and sectional tournaments). In addition, the first time you play at our unit game, you get a freeplay regardless of your masterpoint total. CLICK HERE to see the novice game schedule.

Bridge Teachers in the DC Metropolitan area

CLICK HERE for information on DC metro area bridge teachers.


Newer players often make unwitting mistakes that seasoned players believe to be ethical lapses. In order to educate the I/N community, we've put together a web page with articles that describe good and bad ethical behavior at the table. If you're reading this, you can probably benefit from this knowledge. CLICK HERE to learn more about this important topic.