North American Pairs (NAP)

The ACBL North American Pairs (NAP) (Wikipedia article) is one of two annual ACBL‑wide "Open" contests in bridge. The other is a team contest, the Grand National Teams (GNT) (Wikipedia article). The NAP contest begins with grass‑roots qualifying at the local level and culminates with a national competition at the spring North American Bridge Championship (NABC). Each of the 25 ACBL districts may send up to three different pairs to each of the three different skill‑level national finals.

The NAPs start with pair game qualifiers in local clubs. You qualify in a local club as an individual, not as a pair. Click here for a list of NAP club qualifying games. After you've qualified in a club game, you can then partner with any other qualifier (both from District 6) and register to participate in the District 6 NAP finals. Click Here to get information about the District 6 NAP finals. The District 6 NAP final competition has three skill level events - Open(A) (0‑∞), B (0‑2500), and C (0‑500/NLM). One winning pair in each skill level receives a cash stipend to help offset the costs of representing District 6 at the Spring NABC. The second and third place finishers may, if they so choose, go to the NABC and compete. A stipend is only provided for the first place finishers however. Click Here to get information about the next spring NABC. Here's the official District 6 Conditions of Contest. Here's the official ACBL Conditions of Contest.

IMPORTANT: You must pre‑register for the District 6 finals by September 12th. Include your name, your partner's name, your ACBL numbers, a $50 check and the flight you wish to enter ("Open", "B" or "C"). Make the $50 check (two sessions for two players) payable to District 6. Write the flight you wish to enter on the check. Mail your payment to:

Northern Site

Lucy Mccoy
3353 Taleen Court
Annandale, Virginia 22003‑1161

Southern Site
Barry Fratkin
1935 Hickoryridge Road
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