NVBA Partnership Desk

Marty Bley is doing partnerships for the NVBA Unit game beginning May 26. If you need a partner, email her at campspringsduplicatebc@gmail.com several days in advance.

Marty will attempt to contact you with prospective partners so the two of you can discuss if you want to give it a try. NO HARM no Foul if it doesn't appear to work - you come back to her and she will try again.

IF she doesn't FIND a partner prior to the game, you should arrive at the game 45 minutes BEFORE game time, so she can try the in person way to find a partner.

If you have an emergency and have to cancel, you should call or email Marty as soon as possible. She will do the best she can with the amount of time left.

Keep in mind there is NO GUARANTEED PARTNER AT THIS TIME. That said, we're always looking for people to volunteer to be guaranteed partners.

For the NVBA Unit Game, contact:
Marty Bley
For an NVBA Sectional, contact:
Jay Simon
You can contact Jay using his personal information or you can call the NVBA partnership phone at: 571-789-8338

When requesting a partner, please provide:
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Date and time of the game or games for which you need a partner
  • Your masterpoint total
  • Your skill level (A/X, B/C/D, non-Lifemaster, or Novice)
  • The systems you play (2/1, SAYC, et.al.)
  • For team events, whether you need one, two or three people