Tournaments of interest to NVBA members

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Grand National Team (GNT) finals Information
Jan 19-Jan 20 GNT Finals Flight A
Feb 16-Feb 17 GNT Finals Flight B, C and Open
Mar 9-Mar 10 GNT Quarter-finals Flight B, C and Open
Apr 6-Apr 7 GNT Quarter-finals Flight A
ACBL North American Bridge Championships (NABC)
Mar 16-Mar 18 NABC Robot Individual
Mar 20-Mar 31 Memphis Spring NABC
Jul 13-Jul 15 NABC Robot Individual
Jul 17-Jul 28 Las Vegas Summer NABC
Nov 23-Nov 25 NABC Robot Individual
Nov 28-Dec 8 San Francisco Fall NABCMAP
Popular out-of-town tournaments
Jan 11-Jan 13 Richmond Winter Sectional
Jan 26-Feb 1 Bermuda Regional
Feb 1-Feb 3 Baltimore SuperBowl Sectional
Feb 11-Feb 17 Wilmington Cape Fear District 7 Regional
Mar 8-Mar 10 Williamsburg Sectional
Mar 15-Mar 17 Fredricksburg St. Patrick's Day Sectional
Mar 29-Mar 31 Hagerstown, MD Spring Sectional
Apr 22-Apr 28 Gatlinburg Regional
May 17-May 19 Front Royal
Jun 7-Jun 9 Baltimore Summer Sectional
Jun 24-Jun 30 Philadelphia Regional at Valley Forge
Jun 28-Jun 30 Richmond Summer Sectional
Aug 5-Aug 11 Wilkes-Barre PA Split Regional
Sep 3-Sep 9 Pittsburgh Roni Atkins Labor Day Regional
Sep 14-Sep 15 Baltimore Non-Lifemaster Sectional
Sep 27-Sep 29 Williamsburg Sectional
Oct 28-Nov 3 Charlotte Halloween Regional
Oct 28-Nov 3 Lancaster Fall Regional
Nov 1-Nov 3 Richmond Fall Sectional