(Updated: Monday, August 2nd, 5:52 PM)
Today is Monday, August 2nd

CONGRATULATIONS to Rick Bingham's GNT team! They finished 1st overall in the "B" finals at the 2021 online Summer NAOP after surviving bouts with several strong teams from other districts.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie Dahlberg, Alan Munro, Colin Schloss and Nick Migliacci who won the 0-1500 KO at the recent online NABC.

BOTH of Gene Schuyler's Wednesday and Friday in-person game are CLOSED until further notice.

Kay Markell's in-person 1:00 Friday game is now open. It's held at the Leesburg Senior center in Leesburg.

Dave Rubin's in-person 12:30 Monday game is now open. It's held at the Loudoun County Senior center in Sterling..

Brenda Egeland's in-person game is now open. You MUST be vaccinated. Masks optional. Wednesday's at 1:00. Click here for more information.

Another cookbook for charity. The Cookbook is a success with only two hard copies left to sell out of 105. The digital copy is available by contacting Francesca and sending her a check for $15, remember it's a donation. The check should be made out to ECHO, Ecumenical Community Helping Others. It feels good to help others. Francesca

Click HERE for the ACBL 2021 online Tournament schedule.

The Combined NVBA/WBL unit game is now ONLINE at Bridge Base Online ( There are FIVE Thursday night games every week. OPEN and Intermediate (0-2500) start at 7:15. 499er, 199er and 0-20 start at 7:05. NVBA and WBL alternate weeks hosting the games. The code for NVBA is VACB139840. The code for WBL is VACB139386. These codes are the BBO IDs of the directors and you can make them BBO "friends". You must have a BBO ID to play. You must register your ACBL number in conjunction with your BBO ID to win masterpoints. Click HERE to see a list of NVBA members who have registered on BBO. Email your BBO ID to the NVBA webmaster to be added to the list.

ACBL Alerts have changed! Click HERE for a simplified explanation. Click HERE for an explanation of how online alerts differ from face-to-face alerts. Click HERE for the entire revised ACBL Alert rules document.

Guide to BBO Marty Bley has written an EXTENSIVE guide to BBO. Click HERE.

Play bridge online. Click here for a listing of BBO NVBA club games.

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The NVBA Unit game on Thursday evening includes a Newcomer Game for players with 0‑20 Masterpoints. Beginning with a free lecture at 6:10 pm and continuing with 12‑16 hands of bridge from 7:00 pm to a little after 9:00 pm. Please tell all your social bridge‑playing friends, your family members, co‑workers, and neighbors who have expressed interest in improving their game.

The NVBA is committed to Zero Tolerance. If you ever have an issue with another player at an NVBA sponsored event, please call the director immediately. Read the NVBA's Zero Tolerance Policy.

In conjunction with NVBA's Zero Tolerance initiative, we've posted material about bridge ethics. Click here for educational articles about ethical behavior at the table.

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