NVBA member ACBL Rank changes

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August 2021
Jo Ann AllenNABC Master
Rich ArdiniSilver Life Master
Susan AustinSectional Master
Shelley BeckwithSectional Master
Marian CoreyNABC Master
Frank FengRuby Life Master
Brenda FrankJunior Master
Florence LevineNABC Master
Alice LingBronze Life Master
Joe Marshall JrClub Master
Christel NugentClub Master
Alden ShermanRegional Master
Phillip TsengGold Life Master
Erica WeberJunior Master
July 2021
Rekha ArnessNABC Master
Gary BurinRegional Master
Shiang ChenRuby Life Master
Barry CulmanClub Master
Nancy HarringtonNABC Master
Anne HastingsNABC Master
Mitchell KarlickLife Master
Robert MukaiRegional Master
Bernard OetjenSapphire Life Master
Tami ReitanBronze Life Master
Caroline TownJunior Master
Irene ZarechnakClub Master
June 2021
Ralph BayrerRuby Life Master
Chris BetsoldRegional Master
Nancy BleekerClub Master
Ronald BoggioJunior Master
David GoldfrankRuby Life Master
Joe LeightonGold Life Master
Mary MitchelsonSectional Master
Joan MitchumGold Life Master
Mary PikeRegional Master
Craig PritzkerRuby Life Master
Mary SophosClub Master
Thomas StanleyBronze Life Master
Al StolpeRuby Life Master
Diane WoodworthSilver Life Master
May 2021
Pam BacherRegional Master
Mary BeatleyRegional Master
Paul BernsteinSectional Master
Charles DavidowSectional Master
Carol FinkClub Master
Benazir GhaussySilver Life Master
Sheryl GorsuchJunior Master
Virginia Gray-RoddyRegional Master
Kimberlee GrindstaffRegional Master
Betty HollisRegional Master
Thomas JenningsGold Life Master
Leslie KenneRegional Master
Elizabeth KlassClub Master
Brian LammBronze Life Master
Paul LevineSectional Master
Jennifer MaggioSectional Master
Karen MagleyRegional Master
Peter McCloskeyClub Master
Susan MiskuraSapphire Life Master
Lee OppenheimRegional Master
Glenn PrestonNABC Master
Lee PriorJunior Master
Aline QuesterClub Master
George QuesterClub Master
Tami ReitanLife Master
Robert ShayJunior Master
Joan SollJunior Master
Ronald SpiekerSapphire Life Master
Ruth Ann VerellSilver Life Master
Pat WilliamsJunior Master
Adam WinslerBronze Life Master
Danyi XuSectional Master
April 2021
Eileen CurtisClub Master
Bonnie FirestoneJunior Master
Andrea FritzNABC Master
John GrafSilver Life Master
Alastair GreenClub Master
David HirschlandNABC Master
Hal Jones JrSapphire Life Master
Syed KhanLife Master
Kathy LanghanRegional Master
Michael PetrinaJunior Master
Ellen SimonoffLife Master
Nancy SmagalaBronze Life Master
Kathleen SullivanLife Master
John WertmanBronze Life Master
Lynn WilsonNABC Master
March 2021
Linda DevanClub Master
Sharon DouaireNABC Master
Lee EllisClub Master
Robert FinkelsteinGold Life Master
Alastair GreenJunior Master
Robert GreenburgBronze Life Master
Patrick HerbstSilver Life Master
Joan IsenbergRegional Master
Craig JohnstonJunior Master
Ann LawrenceNABC Master
Janice LinettClub Master
Nooreen RaziLife Master
George SaileRegional Master
Abhaya SchlesingerSectional Master
Mary SophosJunior Master
David StreetSilver Life Master
Mary Ellen WeberClub Master
Jeffrey YutzlerBronze Life Master
February 2021
Georgia BookerNABC Master
Arlene BraffRegional Master
Sandy CarrollSilver Life Master
Jichong ChaiRegional Master
Bruce DautrichClub Master
Edward EganClub Master
Marc FinkJunior Master
Brigette FriedmanLife Master
Hal HindmanDiamond Life Master
Robert HoodClub Master
Dori HumphriesJunior Master
Sue KennedyJunior Master
Jeffrey KlemmDiamond Life Master
Rusty KraussEmerald Life Master
Joseph LebaronSilver Life Master
Karen MagleySectional Master
Linda MitchellJunior Master
Terrance MullinRegional Master
Sharon SaileRegional Master
Benjamin SharpBronze Life Master
Stephen WeberClub Master
January 2021
David ButowRegional Master
James DahlbergSilver Life Master
Brian DetterNABC Master
Robert DrosdzalNABC Master
Susan DrosdzalNABC Master
Lawrence FoxBronze Life Master
Barbara FrisbieClub Master
Sylvia HallSectional Master
Paul HigginsRegional Master
John HuffmanNABC Master
Joan KadonoffSectional Master
Kathryn KileySapphire Life Master
Jayne LynchBronze Life Master
Jennifer MaggioClub Master
Arnold MeyersSectional Master
Jane MitchellClub Master
Paul MohlerBronze Life Master
Natasha MullinClub Master
Michael MurphySectional Master
Marie PetersenSectional Master
Phyllis PetersonSectional Master
Mary PooleJunior Master
Harry PotterBronze Life Master
Aline QuesterJunior Master
George QuesterJunior Master
William ReillySectional Master
Chris SipleClub Master
Joyce WainwrightRegional Master
Tracy WelchSectional Master
Deborah WoodClub Master
December 2020
Arvind BhandLife Master
Joy BrownSilver Life Master
Bill CaiClub Master
Jason CarterLife Master
Li ChenRegional Master
Kenneth CohnBronze Life Master
Alice CraigJunior Master
Katy CulpRuby Life Master
Eileen CurtisJunior Master
Jim DeckantAdv NABC Master
Tina DoyleNABC Master
Martina FoleyClub Master
Richard GrauelRegional Master
Joia HertzLife Master
John HudsonLife Master
Liz JonesNABC Master
Eleanor LindeLife Master
William LowrySilver Life Master
Farida MazharNABC Master
Peter McCloskeyJunior Master
Samuel SternClub Master
November 2020
Judith AgnewClub Master
Nancy BleekerJunior Master
Rebecca BostickClub Master
Margot BurbachJunior Master
Janet CristSectional Master
Kendrea DelauterSectional Master
George FleesonBronze Life Master
Ann Morton HablistonJunior Master
Ruth HansenRegional Master
Mary Liz HigginsRegional Master
Virginia IvinBronze Life Master
Fanjun KongRegional Master
Alisa LofgrenSectional Master
Karen MagleyClub Master
Eileen MareanClub Master
Norma MorganbesserRegional Master
James MosleyBronze Life Master
Ava NeffJunior Master
Cindy NusbaumRegional Master
Thomas OsborneSectional Master
Lawrence PlotkinRegional Master
Stan SchenkerEmerald Life Master
Colin SchlossBronze Life Master
Annie SchwartzDiamond Life Master
Shahin ShakibJunior Master
Michael SiebenhaarBronze Life Master
Gordon SoperRegional Master
Albert SperlingRegional Master
Marcia SteinDiamond Life Master
October 2020
Anne CarterClub Master
Will ColmerSilver Life Master
Bruce DautrichJunior Master
Debnarayan DharSapphire Life Master
Ingerid GudeJunior Master
Joshua HoltzmanClub Master
Mary Frances JettonNABC Master
Elizabeth KlassJunior Master
Cynthia LarreNABC Master
Leqin ShiSectional Master
Nancy SmagalaLife Master
Jane StilmarSectional Master
Jacqueline ThomsonJunior Master
Sherif WahabClub Master
Sheryl WilkersonJunior Master
September 2020
Rekha ArnessRegional Master
Joan AxilbundBronze Life Master
Carolyn BairdGold Life Master
Paul BernsteinClub Master
Sylvester BookerRegional Master
Betty BurseyDiamond Life Master
Phillip FraasRegional Master
John GrafBronze Life Master
Dee Ann GretzNABC Master
Kimberlee GrindstaffSectional Master
Ruth GuerdrumNABC Master
Donna HicklingGold Life Master
Jacob HornbergerRuby Life Master
Amy KalesRegional Master
Arthur KalesRegional Master
Sharon KellettNABC Master
Richard LongNABC Master
Bryan MacphersonBronze Life Master
Jane MarcusJunior Master
Jane MitchellJunior Master
Sandra RosenthalClub Master
Marilyn StoneNABC Master
Dorothy TerrellSilver Life Master
Hema VirmaniClub Master
Tracy WelchClub Master
August 2020
John BakovicSilver Life Master
Joyce CurrieGold Life Master
Linda DevanJunior Master
Marty FuchsNABC Master
Sylvia HallClub Master
Frank HuangSilver Life Master
Joan KadonoffClub Master
Jennifer MaggioJunior Master
Arnold MeyersClub Master
Michael MurphyClub Master
Barbara NortonNABC Master
Christel NugentJunior Master
Mark NusbaumClub Master
Glenn PrestonRegional Master
Craig PritzkerSilver Life Master
M Sheila RabautJunior Master
George SaileSectional Master
Michael StaffordGold Life Master
July 2020
Anne CarterJunior Master
Beth FricanoSectional Master
John HendersonSilver Life Master
Kenneth HopkeRuby Life Master
Doris KniefRuby Life Master
Terry LavenderSapphire Life Master
Paula MetcalfJunior Master
Dick PellerinSapphire Life Master
Andrea PhaneufRegional Master
Lyle PriddyRegional Master
Annette ReillySectional Master
Rosalind RosenbergClub Master
Sharon SaileSectional Master
David SchellSectional Master
Colin SchlossLife Master
Ronald ShoemakerRegional Master
Carol VossClub Master
Tracy WelchJunior Master
June 2020
Michaele BattlesRegional Master
James CalvertNABC Master
Michael CanesSilver Life Master
Willis ChangJunior Master
Li ChenSectional Master
Marian CoreyRegional Master
Sarah Anne CressyEmerald Life Master
Janet CristClub Master
Charles DavidowClub Master
Tina DoyleRegional Master
Deborah ForbesNABC Master
Sulaiman GhaussySilver Life Master
Sylvia HallJunior Master
John HuffmanRegional Master
Ann HunterNABC Master
Jim KershawJunior Master
Gene KleinNABC Master
Shirley Lee KleinClub Master
Fanjun KongSectional Master
Shirley LaffertyRuby Life Master
Betsy LauerNABC Master
William LowryBronze Life Master
Diana MatthiasJunior Master
Philip OdeenSectional Master
Mark OrmsNABC Master
Marie PetersenClub Master
Pannala ReddyJunior Master
Janice ScavongelliBronze Life Master
Dennis SchwanzSapphire Life Master
Leqin ShiClub Master
Jay SimonSilver Life Master
Celeste SzewczykJunior Master
Joyce WainwrightSectional Master
Cathy WaltonLife Master
Danyi XuClub Master
Irene ZarechnakJunior Master
May 2020
Kathy BaileyJunior Master
Donald BeyerRegional Master
Li ChenClub Master
James DahlbergBronze Life Master
Brian DetterRegional Master
Robert DrosdzalRegional Master
Olga GavrikLife Master
Linda GoldbergRegional Master
David GoldfrankSilver Life Master
Bob GrassoNABC Master
Joan KadonoffJunior Master
Lillian KaminerSectional Master
Fanjun KongClub Master
P LawlerRegional Master
Florence LevineRegional Master
Paul LevineClub Master
Debbie MasseyLife Master
Norma MorganbesserSectional Master
Mary MuddGold Life Master
Terrance MullinSectional Master
Glenn PrestonSectional Master
Mary ReidJunior Master
Betsy RockLife Master
Benjamin SharpLife Master
Donna SherrardRegional Master
Chris SipleJunior Master
Thomas StanleyLife Master
Duncan WainwrightNABC Master
Lynn WilsonRegional Master
Deborah WoodJunior Master
April 2020
Paul BernsteinJunior Master
Sylvester BookerSectional Master
Pat CookBronze Life Master
Will Downs JrRegional Master
Allison HornClub Master
Hal Jones JrGold Life Master
Linda MoncriefSectional Master
Cindy NusbaumSectional Master
Michael SiebenhaarLife Master
Nancy SmagalaAdv NABC Master
Sheila ZedlewskiSectional Master
March 2020
Paula FerrebyJunior Master
Jeffrey KlemmSapphire Life Master
Arnold MeyersJunior Master
Paul MohlerLife Master
Ellen SimonoffAdv NABC Master
Mala VasudevanClub Master
February 2020
Sartaj AlagRegional Master
Shahla BatmangheijdjClub Master
Seema BehlJunior Master
Helen ChengDiamond Life Master
Barbara FrisbieJunior Master
John GrafLife Master
Anne HastingsRegional Master
Dan HeilyRegional Master
Barbara HodgesSilver Life Master
Leslie KenneSectional Master
Becky KilbourneAdv NABC Master
Zander KueblerJunior Master
Jon LabadieSectional Master
Melvin LewJunior Master
Romey McPhersonSectional Master
Alan MunroSilver Life Master
Marvin RainesGold Life Master
Jonathan RamseurRegional Master
Roy ReuterClub Master
Louise RosenburghClub Master
George SaileClub Master
Sharon SaileClub Master
Atish SanyalAdv NABC Master
Gary ScavongelliBronze Life Master
Michael SofocleousAdv NABC Master
Barry SparksGold Life Master
Ron SutterGold Life Master
Mitchell WienerJunior Master
Rita WinkelSilver Life Master
Chuck WolfsonSectional Master
Murray YostSectional Master
January 2020
Hakki AdamRegional Master
Owen BarnettJunior Master
Gerald CherryLife Master
John DowningSectional Master
Charles DunnSectional Master
Ellen DunnJunior Master
Robert DurfeeRegional Master
Joan IsenbergSectional Master
James KleeblattClub Master
Brian LammLife Master
Eli LangJunior Master
Kathy LanghanSectional Master
Michael MurphyJunior Master
Linda PhelpsJunior Master
Edwin SmedbergRegional Master
Ronald WebneSectional Master
Georgette WeissGold Life Master
December 2019
Elfreda BaptistNABC Master
Amy BrissonSilver Life Master
Shiang ChenSilver Life Master
Santosh ChokhaniNABC Master
Jennifer ColmerNABC Master
Mari CoteJunior Master
Yen De AndaGold Life Master
Sondra EisenSectional Master
Olga GavrikAdv NABC Master
John HagamanClub Master
Judith HagamanClub Master
Nancy HarringtonRegional Master
John HuffmanSectional Master
Nathalie KayeBronze Life Master
Robert KingClub Master
Sujata LambaJunior Master
Francesca MazarellaSilver Life Master
Jennifer McCreadieJunior Master
Gautam MehtaSectional Master
Matt MurbachSectional Master
Linda PetersonJunior Master
Marianne SarichJunior Master
Yvonne ShangRegional Master
Diane WakehamRegional Master
Lynn WeidmanBronze Life Master
Jim WoodJunior Master
William YelvertonJunior Master
November 2019
Marge DegnonClub Master
David DelzingaroAdv NABC Master
David DomnitchClub Master
Barbara DupontSectional Master
Ruth FischerSectional Master
Vance HitchRegional Master
Douglas LahammerSilver Life Master
Farida MazharRegional Master
Alan MileyClub Master
Bud MorganSilver Life Master
Phyllis PetersonClub Master
Eric PoskanzerSilver Life Master
Craig PritzkerBronze Life Master
Raymond RobersonClub Master
Phyllis SchultzeLife Master
Joann StewartJunior Master
Sherif WahabJunior Master
John WertmanLife Master
October 2019
Gretta BordcoshSilver Life Master
Janet CristJunior Master
James DahlbergLife Master
Olga GavrikNABC Master
Benjamin GutridgeJunior Master
Christopher HaydenSectional Master
Patricia KalinskyJunior Master
Faith KleinClub Master
Eva KlivingtonRuby Life Master
Kellen LeisterBronze Life Master
Paul LevineJunior Master
Janice LinettJunior Master
Rebecca PickSectional Master
Isabel SchellSectional Master
Joyce WainwrightClub Master
Ernest WakehamRegional Master
September 2019
Georgia BookerRegional Master
Alice BurinRegional Master
Gary BurinSectional Master
Li ChenJunior Master
Michael CorriganBronze Life Master
Susan CraigJunior Master
Barry CulmanJunior Master
Shuba DeyGold Life Master
Will Downs JrSectional Master
Richard HartClub Master
Armanda HendersonSilver Life Master
Betty HollisSectional Master
Maria HopperJunior Master
Harriet HuntClub Master
Lewis HutchinsonClub Master
Katherine KochBronze Life Master
Fanjun KongJunior Master
Ellen MarcusRegional Master
Neil MarkRegional Master
Joshua MussJunior Master
Rosanna NosedaJunior Master
Betty QuirkSectional Master
Sandra RosenthalJunior Master
Abhaya SchlesingerClub Master
Leqin ShiJunior Master
Danyi XuJunior Master
August 2019
Jo Ann AllenRegional Master
Susan AustinClub Master
Arvind BhandAdv NABC Master
Bob BoydDiamond Life Master
Lauren BrownClub Master
Douglas BrowningJunior Master
Jay CherlowSapphire Life Master
Janyce ConeNABC Master
Marian CoreySectional Master
Patricia CorishSectional Master
Amy ElmoreNABC Master
Phillip FraasSectional Master
Ronald FriedmanLife Master
Linda GoldbergSectional Master
Jacquelin GrahamSectional Master
Dee Ann GretzRegional Master
Joe HertzSilver Life Master
Katherine KochLife Master
Joseph LuchiniSectional Master
Victoria LuchiniSectional Master
Edward MaixnerRegional Master
Jacquelinn MooneyJunior Master
Albert NovackClub Master
Jeff PriceNABC Master
David SettleJunior Master
Daphne SloanClub Master
Andrea Stanley-MillerLife Master
Aly StoegerClub Master
Karl VanNewkirkNABC Master
Chuck WolfsonClub Master
July 2019
Helene BaumanPlatinum Life Master
Mary BeatleySectional Master
Rachel BetheBronze Life Master
Edwin BrawnSilver Life Master
Santosh ChokhaniRegional Master
Anne ClarkClub Master
C. Alicia ClellandSectional Master
John DalyRegional Master
Chris DeringerClub Master
Leonard DiscenzaJunior Master
Brenda EgelandSectional Master
Lexie EllisJunior Master
George FleesonLife Master
Deborah ForbesRegional Master
Marty FuchsRegional Master
Olga GavrikRegional Master
Judith HansenJunior Master
Lee HarpNABC Master
Mary Liz HigginsSectional Master
Paul HigginsSectional Master
Sara HilgartnerRuby Life Master
John HudsonNABC Master
Amy KalesSectional Master
Arthur KalesSectional Master
Jeffrey KaydenRegional Master
Syed KhanNABC Master
Florence LevineSectional Master
Terrance MullinClub Master
Carl NollerSilver Life Master
Michael OlmstedRegional Master
Chandra PrabhuJunior Master
Nooreen RaziNABC Master
Ralph RussoDiamond Life Master
Beverly SmedbergRegional Master
Albert SperlingSectional Master
Sharon SuttenSilver Life Master
Mary Ellen WeberJunior Master
Stephen WeberJunior Master
Robert WickhamRegional Master
Pamela YoodNABC Master
June 2019
Peter CampbellRegional Master
Charles DavidowJunior Master
Susan DrosdzalRegional Master
Carolyn EllisJunior Master
John HuffmanClub Master
Susan KlaberRuby Life Master
Alisa LofgrenClub Master
Vatsala MehraRegional Master
Edward MolnarBronze Life Master
Mike MorsteinSectional Master
Jill NorvellNABC Master
Lee OppenheimSectional Master
Tami ReitanAdv NABC Master
Carol RombergRegional Master
Ellen SimonoffNABC Master
Thomas StanleyNABC Master
Mala VasudevanJunior Master
Ben WithersJunior Master
May 2019
Aquil AhmedSapphire Life Master
Shahla BatmangheijdjJunior Master
Warren BeetonBronze Life Master
Howard BenderSilver Life Master
Rick BinghamSilver Life Master
Arlene BraffSectional Master
Dewey CalderwoodNABC Master
Jichong ChaiSectional Master
Helene CooperSapphire Life Master
M 'Peggy' GaertnerClub Master
Karen HoffmanSectional Master
Joseph LebaronBronze Life Master
Peter McGuirkRegional Master
Jovica MedicRegional Master
Catherine MurdockSectional Master
George SaileJunior Master
Sharon SaileJunior Master
Atish SanyalNABC Master
Donald SmithBronze Life Master
Jacquelin SmithClub Master
Patricia SmithSectional Master
Sumner SteinfeldtPlatinum Life Master
Kathy SullivanNABC Master
Cumbakonam VasudevanSectional Master
Victor WeednLife Master
April 2019
Tobi BearSilver Life Master
Jason CarterRegional Master
Darleen CorsBronze Life Master
Molly DownsRegional Master
Manou FailySectional Master
Ruth HansenSectional Master
Marge HerbertJunior Master
John HuffmanJunior Master
James KeplerClub Master
Shirley Lee KleinJunior Master
Jeffrey KlemmGold Life Master
Douglas LahammerBronze Life Master
John MilesRuby Life Master
Paul MohlerAdv NABC Master
Lawrence PlotkinSectional Master
Baria SibayJunior Master
Nancy SmagalaNABC Master
Nadia StanfieldClub Master
Joyce SuydamClub Master
Hema VirmaniJunior Master
March 2019
Judith AgnewJunior Master
Amy BrissonBronze Life Master
Santosh ChokhaniSectional Master
Jennifer ColmerRegional Master
James DahlbergNABC Master
Kendrea DelauterClub Master
John GrafAdv NABC Master
Gary HinsonBronze Life Master
Janet McGinnisJunior Master
Mark NusbaumJunior Master
Joan O'ConnorLife Master
Stephen ParkerNABC Master
Kathleen ParkinsAdv NABC Master
Alden ShermanSectional Master
Marilyn StoneRegional Master
February 2019
Jo Ann AllenJunior Master
Dewitt BakerClub Master
Dorothy BechtleRuby Life Master
Anne BradfordClub Master
Tina DoyleSectional Master
Jo Ann EdwardsJunior Master
Marty FuchsSectional Master
Olga GavrikSectional Master
Sidney GravesSilver Life Master
Joia HertzAdv NABC Master
Jacob HornbergerSilver Life Master
Susan HutsellSectional Master
Joan IsenbergClub Master
Leslie KenneClub Master
Farideh MakhzaniBronze Life Master
James ReynoldsClub Master
Frank RipleySectional Master
Louise RosenburghJunior Master
Benjamin SharpNABC Master
Bernita TaylorJunior Master
Maureen TaylorClub Master
Nancy TurajRegional Master
Ruth WarrenNABC Master
Ronald WebneClub Master
January 2019
Rekha ArnessSectional Master
John BoyerJunior Master
Kathy BoyerJunior Master
Ryan ConnorsRuby Life Master
James DeckantNABC Master
Carolyn GibsonEmerald Life Master
Linda GoldbergClub Master
Jonathan GresselClub Master
Christopher HaydenClub Master
Donna HicklingRuby Life Master
Robert MukaiSectional Master
Terrance MullinJunior Master
Barbara NortonRegional Master
Cindy NusbaumClub Master
Dean OlneySectional Master
George ParkinsGold Life Master
Art ReynoldsClub Master
Pat ReynoldsClub Master
Chuck WolfsonJunior Master