NVBA member ACBL Rank changes

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September 2019
Georgia BookerRegional Master
Alice BurinRegional Master
Gary BurinSectional Master
Li ChenJunior Master
Michael CorriganBronze Life Master
Susan CraigJunior Master
Barry CulmanJunior Master
Shuba DeyGold Life Master
Will Downs JrSectional Master
Richard HartClub Master
Armanda HendersonSilver Life Master
Betty HollisSectional Master
Maria HopperJunior Master
Harriet HuntClub Master
Lewis HutchinsonClub Master
Katherine KochBronze Life Master
Fanjun KongJunior Master
Ellen MarcusRegional Master
Neil MarkRegional Master
Joshua MussJunior Master
Rosanna NosedaJunior Master
Betty QuirkSectional Master
Sandra RosenthalJunior Master
Abhaya SchlesingerClub Master
Leqin ShiJunior Master
Danyi XuJunior Master
August 2019
Jo Ann AllenRegional Master
Susan AustinClub Master
Arvind BhandAdv NABC Master
Bob BoydDiamond Life Master
Lauren BrownClub Master
Douglas BrowningJunior Master
Jay CherlowSapphire Life Master
Janyce ConeNABC Master
Marian CoreySectional Master
Patricia CorishSectional Master
Amy ElmoreNABC Master
Phillip FraasSectional Master
Ronald FriedmanLife Master
Linda GoldbergSectional Master
Jacquelin GrahamSectional Master
Dee Ann GretzRegional Master
Joe HertzSilver Life Master
Katherine KochLife Master
Joseph LuchiniSectional Master
Victoria LuchiniSectional Master
Edward MaixnerRegional Master
Jacquelinn MooneyJunior Master
Albert NovackClub Master
Jeff PriceNABC Master
David SettleJunior Master
Daphne SloanClub Master
Andrea Stanley-MillerLife Master
Aly StoegerClub Master
Karl VanNewkirkNABC Master
Chuck WolfsonClub Master
July 2019
Helene BaumanPlatinum Life Master
Mary BeatleySectional Master
Rachel BetheBronze Life Master
Edwin BrawnSilver Life Master
Santosh ChokhaniRegional Master
Anne ClarkClub Master
C. Alicia ClellandSectional Master
John DalyRegional Master
Chris DeringerClub Master
Leonard DiscenzaJunior Master
Brenda EgelandSectional Master
Lexie EllisJunior Master
George FleesonLife Master
Deborah ForbesRegional Master
Marty FuchsRegional Master
Olga GavrikRegional Master
Judith HansenJunior Master
Lee HarpNABC Master
Mary Liz HigginsSectional Master
Paul HigginsSectional Master
Sara HilgartnerRuby Life Master
John HudsonNABC Master
Amy KalesSectional Master
Arthur KalesSectional Master
Jeffrey KaydenRegional Master
Syed KhanNABC Master
Florence LevineSectional Master
Terrance MullinClub Master
Carl NollerSilver Life Master
Michael OlmstedRegional Master
Chandra PrabhuJunior Master
Nooreen RaziNABC Master
Ralph RussoDiamond Life Master
Beverly SmedbergRegional Master
Albert SperlingSectional Master
Sharon SuttenSilver Life Master
Mary Ellen WeberJunior Master
Stephen WeberJunior Master
Robert WickhamRegional Master
Pamela YoodNABC Master
June 2019
Peter CampbellRegional Master
Charles DavidowJunior Master
Susan DrosdzalRegional Master
Carolyn EllisJunior Master
John HuffmanClub Master
Susan KlaberRuby Life Master
Alisa LofgrenClub Master
Vatsala MehraRegional Master
Edward MolnarBronze Life Master
Mike MorsteinSectional Master
Jill NorvellNABC Master
Lee OppenheimSectional Master
Tami ReitanAdv NABC Master
Carol RombergRegional Master
Ellen SimonoffNABC Master
Thomas StanleyNABC Master
Mala VasudevanJunior Master
Ben WithersJunior Master
May 2019
Aquil AhmedSapphire Life Master
Shahla BatmangheijdjJunior Master
Warren BeetonBronze Life Master
Howard BenderSilver Life Master
Rick BinghamSilver Life Master
Arlene BraffSectional Master
Dewey CalderwoodNABC Master
Jichong ChaiSectional Master
Helene CooperSapphire Life Master
M 'Peggy' GaertnerClub Master
Karen HoffmanSectional Master
Joseph LebaronBronze Life Master
Peter McGuirkRegional Master
Jovica MedicRegional Master
Catherine MurdockSectional Master
George SaileJunior Master
Sharon SaileJunior Master
Atish SanyalNABC Master
Donald SmithBronze Life Master
Jacquelin SmithClub Master
Patricia SmithSectional Master
Sumner SteinfeldtPlatinum Life Master
Kathy SullivanNABC Master
Cumbakonam VasudevanSectional Master
Victor WeednLife Master
April 2019
Tobi BearSilver Life Master
Jason CarterRegional Master
Darleen CorsBronze Life Master
Molly DownsRegional Master
Manou FailySectional Master
Ruth HansenSectional Master
Marge HerbertJunior Master
John HuffmanJunior Master
James KeplerClub Master
Shirley Lee KleinJunior Master
Jeffrey KlemmGold Life Master
Douglas LahammerBronze Life Master
John MilesRuby Life Master
Paul MohlerAdv NABC Master
Lawrence PlotkinSectional Master
Baria SibayJunior Master
Nancy SmagalaNABC Master
Nadia StanfieldClub Master
Joyce SuydamClub Master
Hema VirmaniJunior Master
March 2019
Judith AgnewJunior Master
Amy BrissonBronze Life Master
Santosh ChokhaniSectional Master
Jennifer ColmerRegional Master
James DahlbergNABC Master
Kendrea DelauterClub Master
John GrafAdv NABC Master
Gary HinsonBronze Life Master
Janet McGinnisJunior Master
Mark NusbaumJunior Master
Joan O'ConnorLife Master
Stephen ParkerNABC Master
Kathleen ParkinsAdv NABC Master
Alden ShermanSectional Master
Marilyn StoneRegional Master
February 2019
Jo Ann AllenJunior Master
Dewitt BakerClub Master
Dorothy BechtleRuby Life Master
Anne BradfordClub Master
Tina DoyleSectional Master
Jo Ann EdwardsJunior Master
Marty FuchsSectional Master
Olga GavrikSectional Master
Sidney GravesSilver Life Master
Joia HertzAdv NABC Master
Jacob HornbergerSilver Life Master
Susan HutsellSectional Master
Joan IsenbergClub Master
Leslie KenneClub Master
Farideh MakhzaniBronze Life Master
James ReynoldsClub Master
Frank RipleySectional Master
Louise RosenburghJunior Master
Benjamin SharpNABC Master
Bernita TaylorJunior Master
Maureen TaylorClub Master
Nancy TurajRegional Master
Ruth WarrenNABC Master
Ronald WebneClub Master
January 2019
Rekha ArnessSectional Master
John BoyerJunior Master
Kathy BoyerJunior Master
Ryan ConnorsRuby Life Master
James DeckantNABC Master
Carolyn GibsonEmerald Life Master
Linda GoldbergClub Master
Jonathan GresselClub Master
Christopher HaydenClub Master
Donna HicklingRuby Life Master
Robert MukaiSectional Master
Terrance MullinJunior Master
Barbara NortonRegional Master
Cindy NusbaumClub Master
Dean OlneySectional Master
George ParkinsGold Life Master
Art ReynoldsClub Master
Pat ReynoldsClub Master
Chuck WolfsonJunior Master
December 2018
Sartaj AlagSectional Master
Dean BairdRuby Life Master
Shelley BeckwithClub Master
Barbara ButowRegional Master
Bill CaiJunior Master
Lee DachiJunior Master
Brenda EgelandClub Master
Olga GavrikClub Master
Henry GoetzmanSectional Master
David GoldfrankBronze Life Master
J. David GrierGold Life Master
Ned GriffithSilver Life Master
Patrick HerbstBronze Life Master
Vance HitchSectional Master
Daniel MorganBronze Life Master
Roy ReuterJunior Master
Betsy RockNABC Master
Jag SehgalClub Master
Pragati SehgalClub Master
Raman SrivastavRuby Life Master
David StreetBronze Life Master
Eileen StreetBronze Life Master
William ToufectisGold Life Master
Elizabeth TraylorSilver Life Master
Diane WakehamSectional Master
Cathy WaltonAdv NABC Master
Margaret WilliamsJunior Master
November 2018
Joan AxilbundLife Master
Sylvester BookerClub Master
Peter CampbellSectional Master
Eric CasselNABC Master
Alan DocktermanRuby Life Master
Kathy DunkerleyBronze Life Master
Deborah ForbesSectional Master
Ellen HainesNABC Master
Nancy HarringtonSectional Master
Phyllis HendlerSilver Life Master
James KeplerJunior Master
Matt MurbachClub Master
Mark OrmsRegional Master
Nancy ProlmanRegional Master
Nathan RosenbaumSectional Master
James SandefurSilver Life Master
Thomas StanleyRegional Master
Bill TeerLife Master
Pat TeerLife Master
Wolfgang ToelleSectional Master
Carol VossJunior Master
Ernest WakehamSectional Master
Victor WeednNABC Master
Lynn WilsonSectional Master
Neringa ZamaniJunior Master
October 2018
Anne AldenClub Master
Elizabeth AndersonSilver Life Master
Michaele BattlesSectional Master
Arvind BhandNABC Master
Katy CulpSilver Life Master
David DelzingaroNABC Master
David DillardClub Master
Carol FinkJunior Master
Marty FuchsClub Master
Olga GavrikJunior Master
Mark JonesBronze Life Master
Matt JordanJunior Master
Sharon KellettRegional Master
Ronald KlarClub Master
David LindleyBronze Life Master
Joseph MalineClub Master
Marjorie OdeenSectional Master
Babette SmithClub Master
Richard ThriftSectional Master
Gayle TomasettiSectional Master
September 2018
Elfreda BaptistRegional Master
Catherine BardsleyRuby Life Master
Frants Lasse BeckerBronze Life Master
Lauren BrownJunior Master
Kenneth CohnLife Master
Marian CoreyClub Master
Adrienne DownsRegional Master
Gordana EarpClub Master
George FleesonAdv NABC Master
M 'Peggy' GaertnerJunior Master
Marjorie GazzolaSapphire Life Master
Allen GilmoreJunior Master
Robert GreenburgLife Master
Jonathan GresselJunior Master
Dee Ann GretzSectional Master
Anne HastingsSectional Master
Jane KeoughJunior Master
Paul MohlerNABC Master
Robert MorrisonNABC Master
Matt MurbachJunior Master
Craig PritzkerLife Master
Eleanor SchwartzRuby Life Master
Donna SherrardSectional Master
Daphne SloanJunior Master
Albert SperlingClub Master
August 2018
Mary BeatleyClub Master
Gary BurinClub Master
James DahlbergRegional Master
Bill EllisRegional Master
Mary Jane GarnerNABC Master
John GrafNABC Master
Judith HagamanJunior Master
Glenn HeidbrederSectional Master
John HendersonBronze Life Master
Frances HitchRegional Master
Rollin HuntingtonClub Master
Hal Jones JrRuby Life Master
Karen LattaJunior Master
Vonnie LavenderEmerald Life Master
William LowryLife Master
David MaddrellRegional Master
Beth MalineClub Master
Neil MarkSectional Master
Francesca MazarellaBronze Life Master
Kevin O'BrienSapphire Life Master
Louise OetjenBronze Life Master
Sharon PopeClub Master
Phyllis SchultzeNABC Master
Jag SehgalJunior Master
Pragati SehgalJunior Master
Edwin SmedbergSectional Master
Duncan ThompsonLife Master
Michael UhrigJunior Master
James VandeusenRegional Master
Ronald WebneJunior Master
Joan WhiteBronze Life Master
July 2018
Michael BeaghenSectional Master
Chris BetsoldSectional Master
Brian BrunsvoldSilver Life Master
Alice BurinSectional Master
Peter CampbellClub Master
Jason CarterSectional Master
Jichong ChaiClub Master
Will Downs JrClub Master
Martina FoleyJunior Master
Phillip FraasClub Master
Aijazulhaq GillaniNABC Master
David GoldfrankLife Master
Janet GreeneJunior Master
Mickey HughesSapphire Life Master
Dawn JonesSectional Master
Elizabeth JonesRegional Master
Syed KhanRegional Master
Becky KilbourneNABC Master
Brian LammAdv NABC Master
Anita LancasterLife Master
Florence LevineClub Master
Shirley LongClub Master
Jayne LynchLife Master
Frances McNaughtSilver Life Master
Jonathan RamseurSectional Master
Nooreen RaziRegional Master
Steve ReedSapphire Life Master
Raymond RobersonJunior Master
Abhaya SchlesingerJunior Master
Rebecca SekseNABC Master
Hannelore SofocleousBronze Life Master
Fred SoukJunior Master
Phillip TsengRuby Life Master
Cumbakonam VasudevanClub Master
Daniel WeinbergBronze Life Master
John WertmanAdv NABC Master
Carol WrableJunior Master
Jeffrey YutzlerLife Master
June 2018
Pam BacherSectional Master
Zhiqiang BiClub Master
Robert DrosdzalSectional Master
Thomas FullerClub Master
John HagamanJunior Master
Christopher HaydenJunior Master
Brian MoriartyClub Master
Nancy MorrowNABC Master
Willa PickeringClub Master
Janice ScavongelliLife Master
Rita SchugRegional Master
Ellen SimonoffRegional Master
Beverly SmedbergSectional Master
Eva SorensenJunior Master
Barry SpectorSapphire Life Master
Samuel SternJunior Master
Hugh StevensonClub Master
Dave TonnesenGold Life Master
Charles Van HornNABC Master
Diane WakehamClub Master
Lynn WilsonClub Master
May 2018
Dewitt BakerJunior Master
Amy BrissonLife Master
San ChhotrayJunior Master
Susan DrosdzalSectional Master
John GarrettClub Master
Ira GodwinRegional Master
Jean GodwinRegional Master
Linda GoldbergJunior Master
Dee Ann GretzClub Master
Margaret HinsonClub Master
Betty HollisClub Master
Betsy LauerRegional Master
Mary MitchelsonClub Master
Joyce PerlRegional Master
Avril RodneySapphire Life Master
Kim SandersBronze Life Master
Gary ScavongelliLife Master
Donna St PierreSectional Master
John StewartClub Master
Margo TateClub Master
Ernest WakehamClub Master
Diane WoodworthBronze Life Master
April 2018
James BonheimerClub Master
Mark De BernardoJunior Master
Thomas FullerJunior Master
Joia HertzNABC Master
Shirley JareckiClub Master
Ranbir KhareLife Master
Douglas LahammerLife Master
Joseph LuchiniClub Master
Victoria LuchiniClub Master
Edith MeadJunior Master
Jill NorvellRegional Master
Gale RogersLife Master
Atish SanyalRegional Master
Kenton SchoenDiamond Life Master
Teresa WilsonJunior Master
March 2018
James BexfieldRegional Master
Georgia BookerSectional Master
Paul DeusterJunior Master
Sharon DouaireRegional Master
Victor GittensJunior Master
Richard GrauelSectional Master
Amy KalesClub Master
Arthur KalesClub Master
Leslie KenneJunior Master
Nancy LoomisRuby Life Master
Michael LynchJunior Master
Wendy Mulan LynchJunior Master
Raisa MikhelsonClub Master
Judi OrnoffClub Master
Evelyn ReneerSectional Master
Steven RothmanGold Life Master
Tamara VetterBronze Life Master
February 2018
Wayne BardsleyGold Life Master
Peter CampbellJunior Master
Jichong ChaiJunior Master
Joyce CurrieRuby Life Master
James DahlbergSectional Master
Dale DallaireRuby Life Master
David DelzingaroRegional Master
Jeanie GinsburgSilver Life Master
David GoldfrankNABC Master
Flash HelmNABC Master
Paul HigginsClub Master
Joyce JohnsonJunior Master
Betty LaddRuby Life Master
Joseph LebaronLife Master
Lucy McCoyDiamond Life Master
Paul MohlerRegional Master
Mark OrmsSectional Master
Alexander SalpeterBronze Life Master
Joanne SchneiderJunior Master
Shiv SethJunior Master
Yvonne ShangSectional Master
Kathy SullivanRegional Master
Edward TaborekBronze Life Master
Helen(Susie) TinneyBronze Life Master
Nancy WardSectional Master
James WarrenBronze Life Master
Phyllis WoodringRegional Master
January 2018
David AmeyBronze Life Master
James AugustineSilver Life Master
Arlene BraffClub Master
Christine ChaiRegional Master
Shiang ChenBronze Life Master
James ConnorNABC Master
Marian CoreyJunior Master
David DillardJunior Master
Charles DunnClub Master
Joyce FarleyNABC Master
Jerry FergusonJunior Master
Margaret FergusonJunior Master
John GrafRegional Master
Nancy HarringtonClub Master
Mary HarterClub Master
Michael HealdSectional Master
Kathleen HelmSectional Master
Janet HenrichsenSilver Life Master
Mary Liz HigginsClub Master
Bruce HoustonEmerald Life Master
Vatsala MehraSectional Master
Donald MorelloRegional Master
Michael O'BrienSectional Master
Stephen ParkerRegional Master
Kathleen ParkinsNABC Master
Craig PritzkerAdv NABC Master
James ReynoldsJunior Master
David RubinSectional Master
David SchellClub Master
Jacquelin SmithJunior Master
Susan SonnthalClub Master
Linda SultanJunior Master
Anne TonksClub Master
December 2017
Leslee BelluchieJunior Master
James BissLife Master
Gretta BordcoshBronze Life Master
Sandy CarrollBronze Life Master
Donald ClarkJunior Master
John CookLife Master
Pat CookLife Master
Brian DetterSectional Master
Robert GreenburgAdv NABC Master
Frances HitchSectional Master
Jacob HornbergerBronze Life Master
Douglas LahammerAdv NABC Master
Hank LavenderLife Master
Gay LewisClub Master
Mary LieuranceClub Master
Alisa LofgrenJunior Master
Eileen McKinneySectional Master
Sheldon RichterLife Master
Kim SandersLife Master
Benjamin SharpRegional Master
Ellen SimonoffSectional Master
Nancy SmagalaRegional Master
Thomas StanleySectional Master
Thomas StanleySectional Master
Cynthia StenholmRegional Master
Donna StokerRuby Life Master
Sharon SuttenBronze Life Master
Noi WestBronze Life Master
Diane WoodworthLife Master
November 2017
Arvind BhandRegional Master
Marsha BrownGold Life Master
Santosh ChokhaniClub Master
Anne ClarkJunior Master
Brenda EgelandJunior Master
Armanda HendersonBronze Life Master
Robert KingJunior Master
Jeffrey KlemmRuby Life Master
Paul MohlerSectional Master
Debbie MooreSectional Master
Corinna MuzicSectional Master
Joan RinebergSectional Master
Donna SherrardClub Master
Judy StuberClub Master
October 2017
Sartaj AlagClub Master
Emelia Anne ArnhartClub Master
Elfreda BaptistSectional Master
Gretta BordcoshLife Master
Amy BrissonAdv NABC Master
Michael CorriganLife Master
Edward EganJunior Master
Francine FairfaxClub Master
Ruth FischerClub Master
Deborah ForbesClub Master
James GerdingGold Life Master
John GrafSectional Master
Dan HeilySectional Master
Donna HicklingSilver Life Master
Vance HitchClub Master
Joan IsenbergJunior Master
Jean JonesSilver Life Master
Ken KimballBronze Life Master
Kathy LanghanClub Master
Joseph LebaronAdv NABC Master
Eleanor LindeNABC Master
Ai-Tai LoEmerald Life Master
David MaddrellSectional Master
Neil MarkClub Master
Jawahar MehraClub Master
James MosleyLife Master
Sherry NannaSectional Master
Richard PadgettLife Master
Harry PotterLife Master
Carol RombergSectional Master
Curtis SandlerRegional Master
Barbara ShowRegional Master
Albert SperlingJunior Master
Jim WakefieldDiamond Life Master
Cathy WaltonNABC Master
Holly WillsSilver Life Master
September 2017
Sandy CarrollLife Master
Parvine ChowflaJunior Master
Carol CrawfordGold Life Master
Robert DrosdzalClub Master
Susan DrosdzalClub Master
Bill EllisSectional Master
Joan GrossiJunior Master
Joan HoganJunior Master
Elizabeth HuffmanRuby Life Master
Sharon KellettSectional Master
Ellen MarcusSectional Master
Eileen MareanJunior Master
Gautam MehtaClub Master
Judith MillerJunior Master
Paul MohlerClub Master
Robert MorrisonRegional Master
Richard NiehausClub Master
Jill NorvellSectional Master
Judith OatesJunior Master
Sharon PopeJunior Master
Toni SandlerRegional Master
Janice ScavongelliNABC Master
James SprungRegional Master
Thomas StanleyClub Master
Amanda StewartNABC Master
John WertmanNABC Master
August 2017
Cynthia BaskinClub Master
Mark ChenSapphire Life Master
Paul CincottaJunior Master
Claudette CoffeyJunior Master
Tina DoyleClub Master
Clifford FeldmanSilver Life Master
Matthew GlassmanSectional Master
Ellen HainesRegional Master
Mary Lou HenrySectional Master
Cynthia LarreRegional Master
Kiran MalhotraClub Master
Warren McLaineClub Master
Vatsala MehraClub Master
John MeroldSilver Life Master
Peter MichelmanClub Master
Norma MorganbesserClub Master
Dean OlneyClub Master
Mark OrmsClub Master
Lawrence PlotkinClub Master
Annette ReillyClub Master
Nynette RourkeSectional Master
Edwin SmedbergClub Master
Glenn TerrellBronze Life Master
Eva VorndranNABC Master
Thomas WillJunior Master
July 2017
Dean BairdSilver Life Master
Mary BeatleyJunior Master
Zhiqiang BiJunior Master
Christine BrooksBronze Life Master
Alice BurinClub Master
Kendrea DelauterJunior Master
George FleesonNABC Master
Lawrence FoxLife Master
Anne HastingsClub Master
Kathleen HelmClub Master
Patrick HerbstLife Master
Elizabeth JonesSectional Master
Hal Jones JrSilver Life Master
Marshall KuschnerEmerald Life Master
Jon LabadieClub Master
Mike LaddRuby Life Master
Kathleen LanganJunior Master
David LindleyLife Master
William LowryAdv NABC Master
Dionne McNameeRegional Master
Patrick McNameeRegional Master
Elizabeth NolteRuby Life Master
Yaeko PereraBronze Life Master
Craig PritzkerNABC Master
Jack RakowskiSilver Life Master
Richard RossClub Master
Gary ScavongelliNABC Master
Isabel SchellClub Master
Beverly SmedbergClub Master
Anne TonksJunior Master
Sherry WillJunior Master
Lynn WilsonJunior Master
Sheila ZedlewskiClub Master
June 2017
Debby BailineSectional Master
Christine BrooksBronze Life Master
John GrafClub Master
Patricia GreenJunior Master
Jack HallRuby Life Master
Flash HelmRegional Master
Joia HertzRegional Master
Rochelle HiltonBronze Life Master
Harriet HuntJunior Master
Amy KalesJunior Master
Arthur KalesJunior Master
Syed KhanSectional Master
Betsy LauerSectional Master
Andrew LippsSilver Life Master
Neil MarkJunior Master
Judi OrnoffJunior Master
Lyle PriddySectional Master
Marguerite SalahBronze Life Master
Atish SanyalSectional Master
Babette SmithJunior Master
Marilyn StoneSectional Master
Mark TonnesenDiamond Life Master
Charles Van HornRegional Master
Suryun YooAdv NABC Master