North American Pairs (NAP)

The ACBL North American Pairs (NAP) (Wikipedia article) is one of two annual ACBL-wide "Open" contests in bridge. The other is a team contest, the Grand National Teams (GNT) (Wikipedia article). The NAP contest begins with grass-roots qualifying at the local level and culminates with a national competition at the spring North American Bridge Championship (NABC). Each of the 25 ACBL districts may send up to three different pairs to each of the three different skill-level national finals.

The NAPs start with pair game qualifiers in local clubs. You qualify in a local club as an individual, not as a pair. Click here for a list of NAP club qualifying games. After you've qualified in a club game, you can then partner with any other qualifier (both from District 6) and register to participate in the District 6 NAP finals. Click Here to get information about the District 6 NAP finals. The District 6 NAP final competition has three skill level events - Open(A) (0-∞), B (0-2500), and C (0-500/NLM). One winning pair in each skill level receives a cash stipend to help offset the costs of representing District 6 at the Spring NABC. The second and third place finishers may, if they so choose, go to the NABC and compete. A stipend is only provided for the first place finishers however. Click Here to get information about the next spring NABC. Here's the official District 6 Conditions of Contest. Here's the official ACBL Conditions of Contest.

IMPORTANT: You must pre-register for the District 6 finals by September 12th. Include your name, your partner's name, your ACBL numbers, a $50 check and the flight you wish to enter ("Open", "B" or "C"). Make the $50 check (two sessions for two players) payable to District 6. Write the flight you wish to enter on the check. Mail your payment to:

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Lucy Mccoy
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