Tournaments of interest to NVBA members - 2024

Historic and future tournaments

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NVBA Sectionals Tournament location map
Feb 15-Feb 18 NVBA Winter Sectional
May 2-May 5 NVBA Spring Sectional
Sep 12-Sep 15 NVBA September Sensations Fall SectionalMap
WBL Sectionals Tournament location map
Jan 18-Jan 21 59th Annual Presidential WBL Sectional
May 16-May 19 74th Annual City Of Washington WBL Sectional
Oct 17-Oct 20 92nd Annual DC Championships WBL SectionalMap
District 6 Regionals
Feb 26-Mar 1 Williamsburg Regional
Jul 1-Jul 6 Washington DC 4th of July Regional
Aug 19-Aug 25 Baltimore Summer RegionalMap
District 6 Sectional Tournaments at Clubs
May 6-May 12 STaC District 6
Jun 10-Jun 16 STaC District 6
Sep 16-Sep 22 STaC District 6
Dec 8-Dec 15 STaC District 6
District 6 North American Pairs (NAP) Playoffs Information
District 6 Grand National Team (GNT) Playoffs Information
Jan 6-Jan 7 GNT "Open" flight 0-∞1st weekend
Feb 3-Feb 4 GNT "B" flight 0-2500 1st weekend
Feb 4-Feb 4 GNT "NLM" flight 0-500 1st weekend
Feb 17-Feb 18 GNT "Open" 0-∞ 2nd weekend
Mar 2-Mar 3 GNT "A" flight 0-6000 1st weekend
Mar 9-Mar 10 GNT "B" flight 0-2500 2nd weekend
Mar 10-Mar 10 GNT "NLM" flight 0-500 2nd weekend
Apr 13-Apr 14 GNT "A" flight 0-6000 2nd weekend
ACBL North American Bridge Championships (NABC)

Click HERE to see the schedule of national events at the Spring, Summer and Fall nationals.

Mar 13-Mar 24 Louisville Spring 2024 NABC
Jul 18-Jul 28 Toronto 2024 Summer NABCMap
Sep 16-Sep 22 North American Online Bridge ChampionshipsBBO
Nov 28-Dec 8 Las Vegas 2024 Fall NABCMap
Popular out-of-town tournaments
Jan 12-Jan 14 Richmond Winter Sectional
Jan 26-Jan 28 Virginia Beach Winter Sectional
Feb 5-Feb 11 Hilton Head Lowcountry Classic Regional
Feb 9-Feb 11 Jefferson Bridge Sectional
Feb 9-Feb 11 Baltimore SuperBowl Sectional
Mar 15-Mar 17 Fredricksburg St. Patrick's Day Sectional
Apr 5-Apr 7 Virginia Beach Sectional
Apr 5-Apr 7 Lynchburg Sectional
Apr 15-Apr 21 Gatlinburg Regional
Jun 7-Jun 9 Baltimore Sectional
Jun 7-Jun 9 Richmond Summer Sectional
Jul 12-Jul 14 Virginia Beach Fall Sectional
Aug 9-Aug 11 Jefferson Bridge SectionalMap
Oct 4-Oct 6 Richmond Fall SectionalMap
Oct 18-Oct 20 Virginia Beach Fall SectionalMap
Oct 28-Nov 3 Lancaster Fall RegionalMap